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Virtual Visit™

Text Box:  You know the feeling. You’ve called a computer “genius” on the phone. and once the trouble-shooting gets past “Is the computer plugged in?” the conversation is pretty much in computereze. Which if you understood computereze would be helpful, but sometimes you don’t! At that point you often want to reach through the computer and strangle the “genius” right then and there!

At Northbrook Consulting Group we know that feeling all too well! And, we’re aware of the frustration many of our clients have in that regard. Sometimes, no matter how computer savvy our clients are, they just wish one of our NCG professionals could be at their computer for just a few minutes to solve a problem for them. Well . . . guess what? Now we can with our Virtual VisitT™!

With Virtual Visit, we have the ability to provide you with a remote-assistance service session via our special communications server. It’s very simple. You just bring up a special page on our web site. After a series of security checks, we then can either watch what you are doing on your computer or do it for you . . . remotely. In effect, it’s as if one of our NCG professionals were there sitting next to you at your computer. This means we can instruct our clients in using new software or troubleshoot a problem on their computer for them. We can even install software or a file for you. Anything our team can do for you while they’re at your computer, we can now do for you remotely! And without waiting for us to drive over to your office. You will be up and back in operation quickly.

Absolutely Secure

Go ahead. Ask us if Virtual Visit is secure. And, the answer is . . . ABSOLUTELY! To ensure that only the designated parties are connected, we use large, randomly generated session keys that both of us must present. Screen data that is passed between you and our NCG professional during a session is highly encrypted, compressed and encoded using proprietary technology that can only be viewed while you are connected to us through the Internet. And . . . at all times, you control the access we have. It’s no different than if we were at your computer with you looking over our shoulder! Once you close your session, all communication between our computers is fully terminated.

Virtual Visit is innovative and designed with cutting-edge technology. Since we don’t have to make a service call, problems are quickly resolved. Downtime is reduced. Best of all, Virtual Visit is less costly. Because we aren’t traveling to your location, the savings is passed on to you!

There is just one hitch! To get started with Virtual Visit you have to make a real telephone call! However, that’s simple. Just call Northbrook Consulting Group at: 847-498-7323 and tell us you want to take a Virtual Visit. Why wait until you have a problem? By then, it may be too late!



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